Compact and Budget Friendly, Delonghi EC680 Review

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  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Programmable buttons
  • Fast-ready to brew in just 40s
  • Great looks and quality built


  • Programming buttons can be confusing
  • Frother wand is a bit short
  • Poor customer service

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Though it may seem easy, the task of buying a coffee maker often proves to be rather tricky. Especially when your budget isn’t the biggest one and your counter space is limited.
And so you stumble upon different machines, and then, one of them catches your eye. Compact, good looking and good array of functions. But is it the one?
Read through this Delonghi ec680 review in order to find out just what this espresso machine offers, and see for yourself if you should add it to your kitchen appliances collection.


Features of the Delonghi EC680 Dedica

1. Design

I’m sure you’re aware of the important role design plays when it comes to any coffee maker. The main problem with coffee makers, in general, is that they tend to be too big for your kitchen.
Well, this one was specifically made to fit in small space, limiting the footprint, so you won’t have to dwell on having an espresso machine or toaster in your kitchen.

It’s a bit taller, but super slim (astonishing 6 inches) and would be great for small apartments, studios or even dormitories.

The machine isn’t heavy which makes it more convenient for transportation and if you move a lot. No one likes a bulky cinder block that requires a ton of effort just for a cup of coffee. Its weight does make it wriggle a bit sometimes, though.

The stainless steel clad casing(the plastic is protected by stainless steel)gives it a nice sleek look.

Single thermoblock boiler is really fast (ready to use in under 40 seconds) and the transition from brewing to steaming takes only 15 seconds. So that’s pretty impressive.

Small tip: to speed up brewing after steaming just run some water through the steam wand and this will cool down the boiler making the machine ready to brew straight away.

For its price point, Dedica offers many features that can be found in more expensive models like preinfusion and wait time before brewing. This will allow for better shots and enhanced aroma.

On the other hand, it doesn’t feature a solenoid valve so you’ll have to deal with a wet puck, which is a bit messy but you shouldn’t really expect it for that price.


2. Ease of use

The machine has a lot of programmability which is great considering its price. This definitely is a huge plus compared to other machines in this price range.

Programming the buttons is also fairly easy to do, so you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you do there are plenty of tutorials online to help you out.

You can program the temperature(3 settings) and volume of the coffee shots (for a single and for a double) which is great as it helps you to dial in the shots for your own preference.

The machine is also able to shut down on its own- the timer is set from 9 minutes up to 2 hours.

And finally, you can set automatic descaling which comes in handy more often than you’d think so you have one less thing to remember.


3. Frothing wand

Every machine needs a steaming wand, and this one is equipped with the Pannarello wand which features a rubber handle for more convenient use.

It’s foolproof, and does the steaming for you, without burning your fingers. This is great for all those users who have never used an espresso machine before.

A lot of movement is allowed so you can easily get the frothing pitcher into the desired position. However, I wouldn’t go overboard with the size – 16oz would be perfect.

If you want to cut down the waiting time between steaming and brewing, you can simply run some water through the steam wand. This cools the boiler down, cleans the nozzle, and warms up your cup.


What else you should know about the Delonghi EC680


  • 33 oz water tank in the back (really good size for a compact machine), which can be fitted with a filter
  • Small passive cup warmer to make your cups ready whenever needed
  • Aluminum and smaller than a commercial size portafilter –   comes with single and double pressurized baskets as well as ESE pods basket.


Users Reviews

Before any purchase, it’s important to see how others are satisfied with the product you intend to buy so you know you’re not wasting your money. This is one of the reasons everyone’s glad the internet exists. Simply put, it allows you to see all the numbers, recommendations, and statistics without leaving the comfort of your home.
So, what did our customers say about the Delonghi ec680 coffee machine?

At the time of writing this article, 50% of the 469 people who took the time to write a review gave it 5 stars, 19% rated it with 4 stars, and 7% gave it 3 stars. It received 2 stars from 10% of users, and finally, 14% of customers weren’t satisfied at all, giving it one star.



  • Extremely simple to operate
    Most of the users have found it very easy to use and even with some difficulties they say the manual is clearly written so they were able to overcome any obstacles
  • A lot of programmability
    Users loved that they can customize the settings and this way personalize a perfect espresso shot
  • Speed
    Many users were truly impressed that it actually is as fast as it says in the box. 30-40 sec from cold to ready to brew. No more waiting for coffee in the morning
  • Great size
    Those with small kitchens or not enough counter space have found its compact size a huge plus
  • Easy to use frothing wand
    Most users said that frothing wand is easy to use and produce nice foam for lattes and cappuccinos
  • Decent espresso with nice crema
    Although not very expensive it was able to produce great coffee with nice crema
  • Great looks and quality built
    Many users mentioned that this espresso machine looks great and is solidly built



  • Doesn’t have a height adjustable coffee spout
    This makes it unable to accommodate taller cups
  • Can be confusing
    Some customers have said that using the buttons on it can be confusing
  • Can’t make more than 2 espressos/cappuccinos back to back
    Some users reported that after making a couple of drinks the machine would overheat a little and shuts down (look for my tip earlier how to resolve this)
  • Poor customer service by Delonghi
    Some buyers reported problems when dealing with customer service due to a faulty machine




So we’ve covered the basics including the perks and disadvantages of the Delonghi ec680, and now you can see for yourself if it meets your needs.
Overall, this is fast, slim, and easy to use machine. Great for beginners and those who don’t want to improve their barista skills but want to be more hands-on with coffee making.

As for cons. If you buy a machine that isn’t faulty (and you don’t have to deal with customer service)and learn how to make a decent espresso you should be very satisfied with this little guy. Like with all semi-automatics it has a learning curve but I’m sure nothing that is too complicated for average espresso drinker.

If you look through negative reviews you’ll find that most of them say about a faulty machine and poor customer service which can happen and usually happens a lot when you buy any kind of appliance. For those users that were lucky to get properly working machine, it was a matter of personal preference to say if they liked it or not.

Bear in mind it’s an entry-level machine that won’t produce espresso like the commercial ones in the coffee shops, but it has a lot of nice features for its price that definitely makes it an attractive option among many models available on the market.

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