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  1. Easy to use and clean
  2. Great tasting coffee at a touch of a button
  3. Lasting and durable
  4. Highly customizable


  1. Water tank could be bigger
  2. No possibility to install water filter
  3. Poor customer service

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Buying an espresso machine is a serious investment, but before you purchase one, it’s important to get to know your options. Presumably, you’re on the market for a high-quality machine, which is why you should read this Delonghi esam3500.n review. It’s guaranteed to make delicious coffee each time, without flaw. And we all know what a nice addition to the kitchen coffee makers are.

Features of the Delonghi ESAM3500.n Superautomatic Espresso Machine

1. Design Perks

Espresso machines shouldn’t take ages to make your drinks, and that’s exactly why this one consists of two stainless steel boilers, one for brewing and one for streaming, which helps it make drinks in record time. Cappuccinos, for example, are made in about one minute!

You might be worried about the plastic being cheap and easy to break, as is the case with some other machines, but the casing on this one is made out of the highest quality materials.

Not all drinks require the same type of hot milk, which is why this machine comes with two lids for the carafe. These are there so you can make frothed and steamed milk. Cappuccinos and lattes, therefore, both become a delicious possibility!

On top of that, the removable milk carafe can be stored in a fridge so your milk is kept fresh and ready to use.

2. Finding Your Way Around It

Some would argue that it’s a very complicated machine to use because it seems to have a wide array or buttons. In truth, it’s a one touch coffee machine, which means it produces cappuccinos and lattes with one press of a button. An added bonus is not having to move the cup.

You can choose between three programmable coffees- short, medium, and lungo (ranging from 0.5 oz to 12 oz) and it’s also able to brew two cups of coffee or two espressos at the same time.

As far as cappuccinos and lattes are concerned, you can program the desired volume of foam and amount of coffee to make your drinks the way you like them.

To program, just hold the button down for 8 seconds, then press it again when you’re happy with the volume.
There’s also a convenient button for setting the intensity of the coffee. You’re free to choose from five different settings – from extra strong to extra mild. A lot of options to create a perfect coffee based drinks for friends and family.

3. Automatic Brewing

Fresh coffee has become a luxury instead of a necessity lately, which kind of puts a damper on any true coffee lovers’ mood. If you enjoy nothing more than a cup made from fresh beans, you’re going to love this feature.

The machine is equipped with a professional grade, low-pitch conical burr grinder which offers seven different settings to fiddle with.
Now you can have your coffee grinds coarse, fine, or anything in between perfect for cafe crema or these strong, making you alive again, shots of espresso.

A worry might be that the bean hopper won’t fit enough beans, but in reality, you can place up to 7 oz of fresh coffee beans without a hitch.

4. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning these machines is usually presumed as a hassle which takes too much of your time. No wonder the manufacturers of this coffee maker added an auto rinse cycle. Every time you turn it off, and every time you turn it on, an auto rinse cycle will begin, saving you time and keeping your machine clean. And after a measly two and a half minutes, your coffee machine will be ready to brew.

The downside of many cheaper espresso machines is that you keep having to check when to descale, when to empty the coffee grounds bin, or when to fill it up with fresh beans. All of that gets annoying really quickly but with the Delonghi esam3500.n, this problem is no more. It will notify you when it needs more coffee beans, emptying or cleaned.

Even though you can see the water tank (60 oz) and monitor the water level from the side, you don’t have to worry about it. The machine will warn you about refilling the tank, as well.

What Else You Should Know About Delonghi ESAM3500.n Super Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Menu with a clock – this is a handy feature because you can just program your machine before you go to bed, and have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you at a desired time of the morning.
  • Shut off options after one, two, or three hours, meaning you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off manually
  • Active cup warmer on top that heats up, keeping your cup hotter than most other machines do
  • The milk carafe is removable and can be replaced with a hot water spout for making tea, or other drinks which are good for those days when you just need a break from coffee
  • Special push button on the carafe and dishwasher safe parts makes sure the milk system is always clean and ready
  • Includes a one scoop bypass doser so you can make decaf coffee or a different blend

Customer Scores and Reviews

It’s always good to hear what other people have to say about a product. The Delonghi esam3500.n coffee maker seems to have won the audience over.

At the time of writing this post, around a hundred people took the time to write a review on this machine, and 60% of them gave it a 5-star review. 10% opted for 4 stars, the same number being for 3 stars, and it only got 5% of 2-star reviews.

1. Great Taste

The customers seemed to be most fond of the supreme taste the coffee from this machine has.

2. Quality and Durability

Another thing they brag on is durability. They’ve said the machine lasts years with proper care.

3. Easy to Use and Clean

Most of the users say that this espresso machine is very easy to use with a great range of coffee drinks suitable for every coffee lover. Easy to clean, removable and dishwasher safe parts make it very convenient for keeping the machine ready to use at all times.


Some customers have said that they wished the water tank fit more than 60 oz as it uses some of the water for the rinsing cycle. Also, another drawback was the lack of possibility to install a water filter and every coffee lover will tell you how much water filtration improves the taste of coffee, so naturally, no filter is what our customers remarked.

On the off chance that the machine does cause you any minor or large inconvenience, you’re able to return it and get it fixed due to the warranty the company offers. The only thing is that the waiting times for it to be fixed can be longer than anticipated and some users reported poor customer service.


This is mid-level range super automatic that is capable of making a wide variety of coffee drinks from ristretto to delicious cappuccino and latte by a touch of the button. Highly customizable with a lot of features that will make every coffee lover happy.

Overall, the machine is durable, reliable, and makes very tasty coffee. The one touch programmable buttons and integrated milk carafe are only two of many great features this machine has. It might be a bit pricey but you can be sure it’s a sound investment that will last you a long time.

As far as the cons are concerned, I don’t think they’re much to worry about because, despite them, the machine gets its job done better than most.

Now that you’ve read through the Delonghi esam3500.n review, you more aware of its cons and its perks and I hope that It will help make your choice easier.

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